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Is 2021 Still The Year Of Zoom for FA’s?

2020 proved to be a tough year for many FA’s

Seminars shut down

Offices closed

Networking shut down


No in-person meetings

Some advisors I know decided to punt on 2020…Stopped marketing all together.

But…for some advisors who made a few little shifts…2020 was a banner year…and 2021 looks even better.

So what’s new and working for 2021?…the same stuff that worked in 2020.

For some advisors who think marketing and business will return to normal in 2021…Well…You might be buying a ticket on the Titanic.


2021 will be more of the same…

That’s good or bad…depends on how you are prepared.

If you are an FA and would like some help fixing the marketing problem that this new reality has created…

I’d be happy to chat and help you unlock the solutions that will send you appointments with qualified investors and retirees.

I’m not a new kid on the block.

Over the last 3 years I have run over 900 campaigns.

Lined my clients pockets with millions of dollars…

And the truth here is that…it ain’t braggin if ya done it.

Back to you…would you like some more qualified appointments on your calendar?

I got you.

If you want to set up a quick chat to see if there might be a fit… reply on this post…

“2021 Plan”

I don’t have many spots for this…I’m a one man wrecking crew and don’t take on a ton of clients but I have a spot or two to help some Advisors out who are looking to grow their business this year.

Up to you…

You certainly can just fold your hand and hope things return to normal.  I am certain no one will notice the things you didn’t do to grow your business.

Or you can come out of the shadows and start leading again.

Comment “2021 Plan”

How to Add 3-5 Clients Per Month

So if you are a Financial professional, executive, or consultants, and you…


  • Want to create a steady stream of pre-qualified prospects for your firm
  • Are not interested in adding any more, hours to the workweek
  • Desire to transform both your business and your life
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Here’s to your success!

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